The five best luxury headphones for audiophiles in 2019

“A pair of on or over ear headphones are a must when venturing outdoors for most audiophiles. But there’s a problem that many face while out and about – where do you put them when you stop listening to music?

Swiss headphone maker Luzli believes it has found a solution with its Roller MK01B  As the name suggests, the MK01 boasts a unique design that lets you to roll them up so that they can be neatly stashed away in your pocket. The MK01’s design is meant to “evoke a high-end watch”, featuring 13 “links” that allow the device to roll up into a compact package, The Verge reports.

But the sleek design doesn’t come at the expensive of sound quality. According to Trusted Reviews, Luzli spent three years tuning the MK01B’s 30mm dynamic drivers. Even the foam ear pads have been tailored for “best possible sound”.” 5/19